CACI is the UK’s best selling non-surgical face lift system. Developed in the UK, it now has an international reputation and is endorsed by many celebrities.  Its non-invasive treatment delivers dramatic, visible results, without the need for surgery. The range of treatments provided by CACI include facial toning, skin rejuvenation and skin hydration. It is recommended that you embark on a course of treatments. Book a meeting with Katie for a consultation as to how CACI can work best for you.


CACI Non-Surgical Face-lift

This treatment gently lifts, tightens, tones and re-educates the facial muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This will help renew the skin cells whilst tone and texture is improved, leaving the skin with a wonderful glow and a firmer more supple appearance.

1 hour – £55.00

CACI Hydratone Enhanced Facial

The Hydratone treatment is a combination of our non-surgical face-lift with the added benefit of a super hydrating mask which is infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C and E. Dehydrated and environmentally damaged skin is quenched, whilst deep lines and wrinkles are plumped out, leaving the skin looking radiant, softer and more youthful.

1 hr 15 mins – £60.00

CACI Ultra Anti-Ageing Facial

The CACI Ultra Anti-Ageing facial will leave your skin smoother, lifted, plumped and hydrated. Includes ultrasonic peel, non-surgical face-lift, use of the wrinkle comb with LED light therapy and the hydratone mask.

1 hr 30 mins – £70.00

CACI Ultrasonic Peel treatment

This skin resurfacing treatment works by gently removing the superficial layer of skin to help skin blemishes, scaring, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. The hydro gel mask is applied to hydrate and calm leaving your skin brighter, clearer and revitalised.

45 mins – £45.00

CACI Ultra Healing Treatment

This treatment targets areas of congestion, scarring, pigmentation and sun damage with the use of the Ultra LED Microlase and ETR repair pads. It is ideal for the face, back and any areas with these concerns.

30 mins – £30.00

CACI Eye Treatment

Re-educates the muscles and lifts the eye area. Also fantastic for darkness under the eyes.

30 mins – £30.00

CACI Booster Facial

This treatment targets areas of congestion, scarring, pigmentation and sun damage with the use of the Ultra LED Microlase, ETR repair pads and soothing Hydro mask.

45mins – £40.00

CACI Wrinkle Revelation

The needle free non-invasive alternative to collegen injections and dermal fillers. Softens and smooths the appearance of Fine lines. Using the Ultra Microlase LED and Ultrasonic Peel.


30 mins – £35.00

A course of 10 is always recommended. However, all courses will be tailored to your needs.